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The "Kickin' With Kimberly" Richter Foundation


was established to honor the life and work of Kimberly Richter.  Kimberly was diagnosed with Brain Cancer (GBM) in 2006.  She chose to "live" life to the fullest during the time while battling this deadly disease.

Kimberly lives out her faith through selfless giving of herself.  She did this a number of ways, but primarily through:

  • Fund raising efforts for Brain Cancer Research at MD Anderson.  As of July 2010, with the help of her surrounding community, she has raised over $60,000.
  • Working with children at-risk in Houston, Texas. Together with her family, church and community, multiple free soccer camps have been organized, staffed, and run for children and families who might not normally be able to afford such an experience.  Kimberly has been the "ultimate mom" not only to her own children, but also to many volunteers and children alike.