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About The Foundation

Kimberly's story has really just begun.  All that has transpired cannot be written here.  Those stories will be told over time and will be powerful reminders God's presence and provision.  Together with her family, (husband Terry, sons Matthew and Mitchel and daughter Meredith) Kimberly desires to fully live  in this new way of life that God allowed them to experience and to continue lead for future generations.

During the past 4 years, God gave Kimberly 3 words:

HOPE - for the helpless
BELIEVE - in the Healer
VICTORY - in the face of the impossible

The Kickin' With Kimberly Richter Foundation is founded in these 3 primary values, and it is our desire to continue to see the stories of hope, belief, and victory unfold that continue to honor Kimberly's heartfelt passions of cancer research and serving at-risk children.